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This book is Civil War historian Chris Ferguson's first published work.

His attention to detail and discovery of much new information has brought him a great deal of praise from numerous Civil War  experts.
As much as any other place, Hollywood Cemetery still captures the atmosphere of wartime Richmond. Her Forgotten Soldiers embraces that feeling and thrives upon it. Chris Ferguson chronicles the lives of Confederate field officers who found their final home in the South's most famous cemetery. Many of them died defending Virginia. Notable for its unimpeachable research, Ferguson's book is an important and fascinating work that rescues dozens of significant officers from virtual anonymity

- Robert E.L. Krick
  Richmond Area Historian and
  author of Staff Officers in Gray
Her Forgotten Soldiers:
Confederate Field Officers at Rest

by Chris Ferguson
An in-depth study of the field grade officers of General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia who are buried in Richmond, VA's famous Hollywood Cemetery. This book is acknowledged by Civil War experts as the definitive work on these forgotten heroes of the Confederacy.
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